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Simple and actionable data platform for educational leaders

Targeted Solutions

“Clarity helps schools learn how their full range of technology resources are used to enhance learning.”

Elaine E. Eib Executive Director Pennsylvania
  • Get beyond discussions to take action
  • Improve student achievement gains
  • Make a compelling case with stakeholders
  • Shift from intuition-based to data driven decisions

“There is NOTHING like BrightBytes out there to help schools measure their technological strengths and needs at such a granular level.”

Michael Mitchell Supervisor of Educational Technology New Jersey
  • Target spending in areas that need it most
  • Write more effective technology plans
  • Assess progress in initiatives and programs
  • Get the data you need to apply for, and maintain, grants and funding

“Using Clarity, we could quickly determine the strengths and gaps in our professional development initiatives and target our services to address those gaps.”

Brian Griffith Director of Curriculum Services Pennsylvania
  • Target PD to areas of greatest need
  • Write more effective professional development plans
  • Measure progress in skill acquisition
  • Get the data you need to apply for, and maintain, grants and funding

“This kind of measurement has made our technology initiatives dramatically more effective, while simultaneously saving valuable time and money.”

Lisa Brady Superintendent New York
  • Quickly identify key technology and professional development services
  • Easily identify strengths and gaps with powerful research analysis
  • Assess impact by measuring the results of educational programs
  • Improve personalization and customization of curriculum and instruction

Going Behind The Scenes

CASE represents one example of a module that can be used to inform Clarity's data gathering and analytical processes.

CASE has 4 domains that enable BrightBytes’ data scientists and practitioners to prioritize and strategically target opportunities to improve student outcomes.

CASE examines Access to technology, Skills, and factors in the school Environment. All three areas converge to produce the results in the Classroom.

Each of the four CASE domains contains 3-8 success indicators—areas that research has shown are linked to student outcomes.

CASE provides a medium for all stakeholders to establish a common understanding of technology use.

Features - The Special Sauce

Gamified trainings to educate, customizable add-ons, next step suggestions for educational leaders and a lot more...

Beautiful and intuitive dashboards and reports.

We believe data should be beautifully designed to enhance the identification of key insights and drive meaningful conversations and actions.

Insights to inform high impact actions.

Gain a deeper understanding of what matters most and how to drive measurable improvement in student outcomes.

Seamless access to peer groups and industry experts.

A secure social layer provides easy access to data sharing both privately and publicly based on individual needs.

Simple and fast data collection and integration.

No hardware or configurations needed. All implementations are fully managed and delivered 100% online.


Bank-grade encryption to ensure 100% security and FERPA compliance.


Blazing fast infrastructure that can seamlessly scale to billions of data points.


Optimized for viewing on any device type. Truly mobile data.

100% Online

Automatically updated with new features published monthly.

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